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Welcome to our site. Also check out, and follow us on Facebook

 At Royce Ranch we are  proud breeders of the Foundation bred Quarter Horse. The Foundation Quarter Horses displays and promotes what the old type & early day quarter horse used to be. Before the influence of thoroughbred blood molded the quarter horse into what most people now it as today. The Foundation Quarter Horse has the qualities and capabilities to make an all-around working, performance, and riding horse." The Greatest Cow Horse To Ever Look Through A Bridle" : FQHR.  

We find the foundation quarter horses to have all of the aspects that make a great horse.They are built to withstand everything from ranch work, reining,cutting, & roping.With natural cow-sence, great disposition, comformation, & athletic capabilities, you can't go wrong with this type of horse. If you have ever talked to someone who has been around the Foundation Quarter Horse, one of the first thing they mention is how wonderful their disposition is ...That says a lot about this type of horse, and how great they are to work with.

 Our goal as breeders is to produce horses with the mind and capabilities to go in any direction you want to take them. Our breeding program carries the blood of Poco Bueno, King P-234, Hollywood Gold, Beaver Creek, Hollywood Dun it,  And may other top Foundation & performance lines.  

With our breeding program we strive to produce the "whole package" First and foremost is conformation & mindset. Our horses have proven blood, high foundation percentages, strong conformation with the "bulldog" style build... We also produce a high percentage of color & Dun Factor horses with our Homozygous black, Dun and Smokey Grulla stallions

Jessies Neat Dan
2018 Dun Stallion

We are pleased to announce the addition of
Jessies Neat Dan,  2018 Dun Stallion.
He is an amazing addition to our program. To our knowledge he is one of the only line bred Jessie James studs in Canada. At 26% Jessie James blood, he is the equivalent of being a direct grandson. Please see his page for all his info 

Royce Ranch is proud to introduce you to our  stallions:


RR Dun It Classy  96.88% Foundation, Homozygous Black,  Dun


Hollywoods Lena Too  97% NFQHA/ 100% FQHA,

Grullo with Cream Gene


If you are interested in breeding your mare to one of the boys or would like more info on them, let us now. We'd be happy to send you an info package on them!


*Please click on the picture below to visit their page.*


Please take your time a look through our site. We have many well bred yearlings and weanlings advailable. Stallion services and horses for sale at all times, including some very well broke horses. You never know,we might have just what your looking for. Enjoy!  Visitors are always welcome at the ranch, stop by and we'll be happy to show you around.... Bloodlines are tried, tested, and true. Horses like this just don't happen.... they are bred.

We received an update on a gelding that we sold a number of years ago. Turns out along his journey he ended up becoming a trick riding horse for the performance Cavalia and their production Odysseo. He is now in his retirement home enjoying life after performing for over five years. We absolutely love getting updates on our horses ! This was sure a surprising update  



A Special Thanks :
Thank you to Keven & Dallas Pole
And everyone else at Pole Performance Horses
who helped make every show season great !
Picture below: Zan & Kyle taking 2nd place at the CRBC Limited Open

Royce Ranch Mare : HCF Flying Miss
At the CRBC