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On this page you will find info on the mares we have on the ranch. All of our mares have strong breeding & great qualities that they pass onto their foals. We believe that a strong mare band is the foundation of  any breeding program. Please click on their picture to enlarge & view pedigree. For further info on the stallions they are bred to check out our stallion page . If interested in an up coming foal please let us know.

Being a responsible breeder is very important to us. Most of our mares have been five panel tested. Their results are posted in their info. We do have a few mares who are either N/Gb - GEBD carriers or Hrd/N - Herda These two genetic disorders are recessive. Meaning that even though they carry one copy it will never manifest in her offspring. Our stallions are NN . It will never effect her or her offspring in any way. The choice to continue to have these girls in our program was an easy one. They are amazing mares with solid breeding and traits they pass to their offspring.  

* Coming Soon*
Pedigree and info on Smooth Poco Sally, 100% foundation, Five Panel NN, 36% Poco Bueno bred, granddaughter of Poco Ojos Grande
Pedigree and info on RR Pocos Grande Girl, Full sister to RR Pocos Little Pat, 100% foundation, Panel pending, line bred Poco Bueno, a daughter of Poco Mave
Pedigree and info on RR Pretty Dun foundation percentage and panel test pending. A daughter of RR Dun It Classy out of our proven producing daughter of Tee Dee Redford.

My Bonnie Badger

My Bonnie Badger 
 AQHA # 3212502 FQHR # 18573
 92.19 % Foundation, Dun.  "Bonnie" is a big stout mare standing just over  15.1hh. Born and bred in Alice TX. She has great conformation, VERY strong Dun Factor &  strong working lines that she pass on to all of her  foals. If you know "old cowhorse " lines then her papers will get your attention.  Bonnie's  foals  are very athletic, well built, colored & classy.Always top sellers at the ranch. Bloodlines include: Poco Bob,Poco Bueno, King,Three Chicks, Badger Bert, Waggoner Moore ll.She also goes back to Blackburn and Yellow Jacket. 
Bonnie is now retired from breeding. She has produced may wonderful horses for us over the years. Including our one stallions. She will now just relax and enjoy the rest of her days. She will be left on the page for reference .

RR Zippy Poco Jaz
2012 Homozygous black grullo mare

RR Zippy Poco Jaz  
AQHA #5498875 FQHR #25880
99.26% Foundation , 29% Poco Bueno bred.
Five panel NN, 2012 Homozygous Black (E/E) grullo mare.  Athletic, correct, and a real sweetheart. She stands around 14.3hh and have that  classic bulldog style build. Both her sire and dam were bred by the Jaz Ranch. Her sire Jaz Poco Silverado has NRHA earnings & his AQHA ROM in Reining. Sired by Little Steel Dust. Her dam is a daughter of Jaz Acero Hombre. With her percentage of Poco Bueno that she has, that wonderful grullo color and proven pedigree we love what she brings to our program.
 Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020


Poco Classy Rouge
AQHA #5412980  FQHR # pending
99.26 % Foundation , 29% Poco Bueno, Five panel NN,  Red dun mare. A Full sister to RR Zippy Poco Jaz. When we found her we knew she'd be a excellent fit for us. She is athletic, correct, great mom. She stands around 14.2hh and has that great bulldog style build. Both her sire and dam were bred by the Jaz Ranch. Her sire Jaz Poco Silverado has NRHA earnings & his AQHA ROM in Reining. Her dam is sired by Jaz Acero Hombre. Then rounding out the bottom side with the legendary Poco Ojos Grande! With her percentage of Poco Bueno that she has we're looking forward to having this mare with us for years to come.
Bred to RR Dun It Classy for 2020

DH Solanos Vision

DH Solanos Vision
AQHA # 4147884 FQHR # 23885
90% Foundation bred Liver Chestnut mare. Check out " Vinnies" Pedigree! She packs some of Canada's top performance horse blood. She is sired by Solanos Peppy San, an all time leading sire of reinig horses, cowhorses & rope horses. Was ranked as the 25th leading sire for NRHA horses. " Vinnies" bottomside is just as solid as her top with her dam by the top Canadian stallion Major Bonanza. She also has Doc's Dee Bar on her papers and is a double bred Coys Bonanza and has some Poco Tivio blood as well. Along with wonderful conformation, huge hip, a bulldog style build, this girl packs a " no holes" cowhorse pedigree. She stands at 14.2hh has a baby doll head. She was shown at the Canadian Supreme Futurities in Reined Cowhorse. She has Earnings in both Canadian Supreme and ARCHA. " Vinnie " has a lot to offer and passes top qualities to her foals.
Vinnie will be left open for the most part. She is a incredible riding horse. One day we will breed her again. Watch for updates.

Skipa Pokey Gun

Skipa Pokey Gun 
AQHA # 4132740 FQHR # 21394
96.88% foundation Buckskin mare. Five Panel N/Gb "Buck" is a great mare.She has a wonderful disposition,very easy going.Very well built standing around 15 hh with great conformation." Buck" passes on her sound mind and built to all her foals."Buck's" sire is Canadian Skipa Pal by Skippa Prince ( Skippers Lad X Pat's Dusty Star) Who  is a full brother to Legendary Halter horse Skippa Star.Her Bloodlines also include: Grey Question by Quastion Mark, Marges Gun out of  One Gun by the Legend Mr. Gun Smoke. & Peppy's Tiller, Peppy and
 Wimpy P- I and Wimpy II . Now that's some great foundation breeding! This mare has been one of our top producers and a favorite over the years. He offspring are amazing!! Roping, working cattle. They are absolutely amazing horses to work with.
Open for 2020. 2019 grulla gelding by her available

RR Juanatop That Jaz

RR Juanatop That Jaz
AQHA # 5257893 FQHR # 24779 
95.31% foundation Dun . Five Panel NN This is a mare that we call " baby smoke" after her dam Juana Smokem. Juana Smokem was a reining money earner,a mare that we had for a number of years. She stamped all her foals with her sweet mind, and  correct build . "Baby Smoke" is the results of breeding to Jaz ranch bred stallion Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, a 27% Poco Bueno bred son of Little Steel Dust. This filly has some of the best performance/ reining blood on the bottom side crossed with top foundation lines on the top. She packs a pedigree full of NRHA and Performance money earners, starting right off with her sire and dam...This girl is a welcome addition into our program . Her babies are athletic, correct and just as sweet as she is. She stands just at 15.1hh . Pictures of her sire and dam posted on her pedigree page. Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020

Slide On Command

Slide On Command  AQHA # 4052408 FQHR # coming soon. This mare is about 95% foundation bred. Chestnut. Five Panel pending. Short, stocky and correct. She stands at 14.2hh and is a little power house. A joy to work with she has given us some beautiful foals sired by RR Dun It Classy. "Chessie" has been a wonderful mare to have in the band. She is sired by a phenomenal NRCHA stallion: Lenas Wright On. Who is a earner of over $109,000.00 in just 3 years of competition. Sired by the legendry Smart Little Lena. The mare Slide Me Again was a two time AQHA Superior Rope Horse and an AQHA Reserve Super Horse. On the bottom side this mare is just as solid. Her dam Sondras Command who is sired by Peppy Badger Chex is a proven producer of Reining money earners. Her dam Docs Missy Command was a earner of  $46,671 and 122 AQHA points in Cutting, Reining and Cow Horse. Talk about mare power. "Chessie" was started in Reining but due to an injury was unable to continue. She passes a great deal to her foals with her strong  proven performance breeding. Her foals are making their mark working cows and roping. Very smart and wonderful to train                                       Bred to RR Dun It Classy For 2020

RR Kiss Skedadle Rey

RR Kiss Skedadle Rey
AQHA # 4558382  FQHR # 19862
93.75% Foundation ,brown mare. Five Panel pending "Rey" is a real sweet mare. She is a well built girl, athletic, standing just over 15.1 hh with a deep hip, clean lines, solid conformation. She carries strong ranch type bloodlines that go back to the legendary King Ranch on the bottom. With proven rope horses on the topside from the blood of Blueboy Quincy. Her bloodline has no holes. Tried tested and true ranch blood.We are very happy with "Rey" she is proving to be a solid mare to have in the band. She has a easygoing mind, takes everything in stride. We look forward to having this mare in our band for years to come. Stamping all her foals with her sound mind, and good looks. 
Bred to RR Dun It Classy for 2020

RR Kilo Classy Bar

RR Kilo Classy Bar
AQHA # 5043182 FQHR # 23588
98.44% foundation bred. Bay Five Panel pending. This girl has brought our breeding program full circle. She is sired by our dun stallion RR Dun It Classy and out of one of our long time mares we had; Cindy Dun Bar. We loved everything about this girl as she matured, so we kept her back.. We no longer have her mom with us so she fills a spot in our program nicely. Her mom was a very athletic dun mare with the blood of Kilobar Gold / Kilobar and on the bottom side her mom was king- P234 with the likes of Paul A. Our hopes for her in the future is that she produces some great all around working horses for ranch and roping. She has a powerful build. She is a stout mare standing at  almost 15.2hh and an easy 1300lbs. She is huge, correct, with great bone. One of our larger mares in our band.  An all around great girl to work with.
Open for 2020, She has a 2018 colt available. Please see the sale barn

RR Pocos Little Pat


RR Pocos Little Pat  AQHA # 5258032 FQHR # 24778  100% Foundation, 27% Poco Bueno, Five panel pending.  Black  This is filly is a great example of  what our program produces. Sired by our grullo stallion Poco Mave and out of  our mare Poco Ojos Pat. "Bunny" is a wonderful mare She has the typical easy going mind. She is well built, standing around 14.3hh. with the bulldog style build. She has very strong Poco Bueno Breeding, going back to Poco Bueno  3 times in only 4 generations, Great breeding right up close. She is one of  the Poco Mave daughters that we have kept back  for our breeding program. We look forward to having her in our program for years to come. Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020

Blackburns Glo Angel

Blackburns Glo Angel
AQHA # 5293828 FQHR # ( coming )  
98-100% Foundation bred, Dun mare.
Five panel NN This is a wonderful mare with tons to offer to our breeding program. A Blackburn bred mare,  an own daughter of  world champion sire Blackburn 946  - a beautiful stallion with over 20 AQHA open points & AQHA Perf. ROM  and earnings in Reining, Working Cow Horse, Barrels, Poles... An extremely versatile stallion! This little mare is also double bred Fortys Last Chance. She is loaded with legendary Blackburn blood, and King P234, top and bottom. She stands at 14.2 and is a little power house! Correct and stocky. She is very sweet and wonderful to work with, a true gem. We've always been a fan of the Blackburn line. So proud she's a part of our program.
 Bred to RR Dun It Classy for 2020

HCF Flying Miss

  HCF Flying Miss
AQHA # 4341568 FQHR # 18574
92%  Foundation bred, Chestnut Mare
Five Panel NN "Zan" has been a wonderful mare for us. We have owned her since she was a weanling. We have now decided to add her to our program. We're very excited to see what she'll contribute over the years. She is a proven, finished reining mare. NRHA Earnings of $2000.00 and LTE of over $3000.00. She has earnings in both Open and LTD Open division. Showing her was wonderful. She was a solid performer and was in the money consistently. She is very well built and correct, standing just over 15hh. Along with her very solid performance record she also packs a top pedigree. Sired by one of Canada's top reining sires Juan The Sailor and a proven performance producing dam - Zans Flying Miss X roping point earning stallion Zans Jack Parr. Her breeding is solid top to bottom, full of proven money earners and producers. It's not often that you get a chance to have a mare of this caliber, we are very proud of this girl.
Open for 2020, Prospects by here available. Please see the sale barn

Poco Lost Buckskin

Poco Lost Buckskin
AQHA# 5003236 FQHR # 24940 97% Foundation bred, 25% Poco Bueno. Buckskin Five Panel N/Gb  This mare has a lot to offer to our program.  Another mare brought up from Holliday TX.  She is a double bred Poco Bueno with a mix of  King Ranch breeding and the famous Jessie James. A bloodline that is not as common in Canada with the foundation lines, Jessie James was owend by E.Paul Waggoner, who also owned Poco Bueno. The horses that were produced by E.Paul Waggoner's 3 D's Stock farm from these two stallions were some of the nations top cutting horses. Jessie James made his mark on the NCHA between 1950-1960, people saying that "He was considered to be one of the greatest cutting horses to ever look through a bridle" This mare carries some of the best "old time" cutting horse blood to come out of Texas, along with that great buttermilk buckskin color as a bonus. "Frankie" has wonderful conformation, stocky and short. Standing around 14.3.  The babies she has produced for us so far are compact little power houses. Great to work with and quick. 
Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020


 Poco Lea San 4444
 AQHA # 4777234  FQHR # 27516
 100 % Foundation, Black  30% Poco Bueno. Jet black. Five Panel Hed/N  "Gypsy " is another daugher of Poco Mave that we have added to our mares. We are very lucky to have this girl. Chek her pedigree out! double bred Poco Bueno and line bred Beaver Creek / King...  She is a very solid mare. Standing at 15hh with a huge deep hip and stocky biuld. She is a joy to work with and ride. Very easy going. The builds and minds she passes onto her foals is amazing. She offers so much to our program.
Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020

RR Sonita San Dee

RR Sonita San Dee
AQHA # 4637600 FQHR # 20603
90.63% Foundation Bay Mare. Five Panel Pending.  "Amber" is the daughter of  one of our long time mares Gee San Dee Queen, proven producer of money earners in cutting/ cow horse. She has taken the place of her dam in our breeding program to continue the Sonitas Last / Peppy San breeding we love. She is a line bred Peppy San mare. Her Sire is a proven producing son of the great Sonitas Last. She is a well built mare standing 15hh. She is very athletic, with great movement. When worked under saddle she stops on a dime, turns hard and can coil up like a spring. She has been worked on cattle and roped off of. She has cow sense to spear and has lots to pass to her offspring. A wonderful mare with a proven pedigree of cow horses. Her foals have everything they need to become a great cow horse. Her offspring are proving to have a natural ability in the roping pen and working cattle.
 Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020

Codys Blue Hollywood

Codys Blue Hollywood
AQHA # 4478785   FQHR # 22307
 96.88 % Foundation, Homozygous Black  (EE) Grullo. Five Panel NN  This girl has a world champion pedigree. Her dam Sue San Kleobar is a NCHA money earner. Her sire is Reining stallion Dot Hollywood Jessie( NRHA money earner & performance ROM ) by the legendary Hollywood Dun It.Other champions in her bloodline include: Peppy San, King Leo Bar, Poco Pep Up, Rocky San & Topsail Cody. She is 14.3 hh,has very strong Dun Factor, strong build and a classy head. For the past few years "Mouse" has been working and training in Reining. She is super athletic, and does her moves with loads of talent and precision. She is a natural!  ( check out her page for pictures of mouse & Jen in the arena, sorry the pics are blurry ! )   Bred to Hollywoods Lena Too for 2020

Poco Hollywood Miss
2008 Palomino Mare - with dorsal stripe

Poco Hollywood Miss
AQHA # 5156850  FQHR # 24938
96 %Foundation bred, 25% Poco Bueno, Dunalino. Five Panel N/Gb  Born and bred  in Holliday TX. Poco Hollywood Miss is a  wonderful girl who is very correct, well built, and bred. She has a lot to offer to our program. We will be having her color tested. Her Sire is a son of  Poco King Tuck. Poco King Tuck has been a very influential sire for the foundation bred quarter horse. Poco King Tuck is also the sire to the legenday Little Steel Dust, the number 1 all time leading sire of the NFQHA. "Holly" has some hard to find breeding , for a horse that is so young. She also carries some solid Hollywood Gold breeding on her dams side. Martins Hollywood, a line bred Hollywood Gold stallion, who is one of the top standing stallion of Tom Millers Red Oak Ranch, in Kaufman TX. We are very happy to have a mare like her to add to our program. She brings some of the old foundation breeding stright out of Texas, where it all started. The offspring from this mare and everything we wanted and more. They are extremely trainable and talented. Proving themselves in reining, working cattle and roping.
Bred to RR Dun It Classy for 2020

If you would like further info on our foals, mares, & the stallions that they are bred to, please let us know. E-mail us or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.
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